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    [Translate to Englisch:] Neue Benutzerklasse

New user class

Level 25 enables fine tuning

With Level 25, we have introduced a new user class for our NxG control system. It gives a machine operator the authorization to make minor adjustments during the bending process. If a minor correction is required in terms of tube geometry, for example, the operator is able to keep production going without the intervention of a more highly qualified machine setter. The new level also prevents the operator from performing adjustments that are too major or erroneous, and which would endanger the desired shape and quality of the end result. The new software feature thus increases process security and enhances interaction between employees with different levels of qualification.

Whether after a batch change or during temperature changes in the production hall: small changes may need to be made to targeted values relating to bending angle, orientation and transport during the bending process. With the introduction of Level 25, the operator is now able to correct these Δ values within a precisely defined field determined by the machine setter (Level 30). If, for example, the bending command dictates an angle of 18.2 degrees and the machine setter has allowed possible deviations of -0.3 to +0.4 degrees as Δ values, the operator is now able to independently perform adjustments within this range. The operator only needs to enter the deviation and the control software then calculates the new target value. After the bending process, the software displays the Δ values. This data can then be used to retrospectively identify at what point of the bending process corrections were necessary, how major the changes were, and what the original target value was. This feature is available for NxG control systems from Version 4.45.