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Precision work with a lot of variety: Ali Dip has been with us for 25 years

Schwarze-Robitec personal

In 2018, Ali Dip celebrated his 25-year anniversary at Schwarze-Robitec, having joined the company as a trainee directly after leaving school. As a cutting machine operator specialised in milling, the 45-yearold cuts parts and machine components to the desired dimensions – a job which requires a great deal of precision. Perhaps the deputy foreman draws on his favourite hobby to perform his job with the required level of patience?

Mr Dip, what exactly does your work as a cutting machine operator entail?

I process metallic parts and components for our machines and systems, cutting them precisely to size. To do so, I use technical drawings as a template. My job requires that I work with great precision and without waste. And I also have to meet deadlines, of course.

What is it about your job that you enjoy?

I really enjoy working together with my immediate colleagues and production management. I used to work directly on the machines. But since I was appointed deputy foreman, I also have a number of administrative tasks to fulfil. This means that my work is highly diverse.

You’ve been working at Schwarze-Robitec for 25 years now. What does this milestone mean to you?

I’m proud to have been with the company for so long. The recognition I receive from my colleagues and company management is really special.

Did you always aspire to work in this field?

No, when I was a child I wanted to be a footballer. But I only get to kick a ball every once in a while these days.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I enjoy spending time with the family; I have two children. We like to go out together on trips, for example. When I’m not with the family I like to go fishing, preferably in the Netherlands at the seaside.