• [Translate to Englisch:] MARTIN Caldeiras setzt auf eine FL 2000 zur Kesselkonstruktion

    [Translate to Englisch:] MARTIN Caldeiras setzt auf eine FL 2000 zur Kesselkonstruktion

Process optimization for membrane wall bending

MARTIN Caldeiras relies on FL 2000 for boiler construction

Thermal waste treatment is a complex process. At the center of the process is the boiler consisting of multiple tubes welded together to form what is known as a membrane tube wall. Before those walls can be used in boiler construction, they first need to be bent. In early 2019, we delivered an FL 2000 membrane wall bending machine to Portugal to perform this task with maximum precision. The machine enables our client MARTIN Caldeiras, a manufacturer of boiler spare parts and a subsidiary of Germany- based company MARTIN GmbH, to bend entire membrane walls up to 2,000 mm wide in a single step. To ensure a perfect fit with the boiler design and adjacent wall segments in modern power plant construction, the membrane tube walls first need to be bent with millimetre precision. The Munich-based company MARTIN GmbH therefore uses one of our membrane wall bending machines, the FL 2000 from the Boiler & Power series, for its subsidiary MARTIN Caldeiras in Portugal.

Process optimisation and operational safety

MARTIN GmbH designs and constructs waste-to-energy plants, while its Portuguese subsidiary specializes in the manufacture of boiler spare parts and in robot cladding. “We wanted to optimize our processes and bend the membrane tube walls directly on site at our own facility,” says Peter Alpiger, managing director of MARTIN Caldeiras. To meet this challenge, Alpiger turned to us as a reliable and trusted partner of many years – and a manufacturer of efficient membrane wall bending machines in what is already a highly specialized market. Our machines in the Boiler & Power series are perfectly aligned with customer requirements in the boiler and power plant construction industry. The 27-ton membrane wall bending machine FL 2000 offers maximum stability and durability. Our customer uses the machine to process walls consisting of tubes with a diameter of up to 70 mm and a wall thickness of up to 5 mm. “Continuous and safe operation with zero downtime is of major importance to us,” Alpiger at MARTIN Caldeiras underlines. That is why the FL 2000 is the perfect choice – it is both efficient and powerful, and comes with an integrated remote maintenance service. In addition to the above-mentioned FL 2000, we offer machines in the dimensions FL 3000 and FL 3600.