• Bending small tube diameters fast thanks to NxG control system – our new CNC 25 E TB MR.

    Bending small tube diameters fast thanks to NxG control system – our new CNC 25 E TB MR.

Small but mighty: New CNC 25 E TB MR enables extremely fast bending

Chinese client relies on compact machine with NxG control system

In developing the fully electric CNC 25 E TB MR for Changzhou Liangxu Vehicle Accessories Co., Ltd. we are fulfilling our client’s requirement for outstanding quality, high production speed and machine availability, delivering a high-quality, compact tube bending machine sporting the “made in Germany” seal to China. In this new dimension, the machine is helping our client to bend smaller tube diameters as part of a fully electric process for the first time. It also ensures extremely fast bending thanks to the NxG control system. Chinese automotive industry supplier Changzhou Liangxu Vehicle Accessories Co., Ltd. manufactures injection tubes and radiator outlet pipes for cars and trucks. It is the main supplier of tube systems for China’s third-biggest truck manufacturer. The company is based in Changzhou on the Yangtze River in eastern China, where we recently put our new CNC 25 E TB MR into operation. The version of the machine we delivered is capable of bending steel tubes with a diameter of up to 25 mm and a wall thickness of 2 mm as well as stainless steel tubes with a diameter of up to 20 mm and a wall thickness of 1.5 mm. This means that, for smaller tube diameters, our client is using a fully electric machine with NxG control for the first time. The machine offers major benefits: depending on the tube system, the NxG control system enables up to 50 percent more output thanks to the simultaneous operation of the axes. The supplier is thus ideally preparing itself for the rise in demand brought on by the prolonged boom in China’s automotive industry.

Space-saving machine design

With the CNC 25 E TB MR, we have developed a new machine size for small tubes. It is available in both left/right bending versions as well as in a rotary variant, with the bending head capable of rotating 180 degrees. Tubes with complex geometries can thus be bent in one process step. The machine also features a space-saving design and state-ofthe-art safety technology. In addition, thanks to intelligent scanners and a slim machine bonnet, the machine can be operated without any additional safety fences, allowing our client to optimally use their available space. As the electrical technology is integrated into the machine body, the machine requires no additional control cabinet and can therefore be easily moved around the production area if necessary. The CNC 25 E TB MR is equipped with a freely stored bend former: The bending table and bend former can be operated independently of each other – a particular highlight of our machines in all sizes on the market. This feature gives the user much more freedom when bending tubes and thus simplifies the entire bending process. To bend bigger tubes, Changzhou Liangxu Vehicle Accessories Co. is already using several of our reliable tube bending machines, including a new CNC 160 E TB MR VA with NxG control and an integrated tube cutting unit. This was after the new CNC 25 E TB MR impressed in Changzhou with its extremely high production speed thanks to NxG control. While delivering the new product to Changzhou, we also modified two additional machines which our client bought in 2016 and integrated the latest control system.